Hindsight is 20/20, and there will always be an investment that was overlooked. When we hear rumors that Fiat-Chrysler was considering an IPO, many figured it would be for something outside their core business. However, when Ferrari debuted on the NYSE, ripples were felt through the financial and automotive world. As greatest achievement in the lifetime of a corporate genius, the late Sergio Marchionne saw the future.

Ferrari (NYSE: RACE) opened at $52/share with a market cap of 9.8 Billion in late 2015. Fast forward to Star Wars Day 2020. May the 4th be with you saw Ferrari reach a valuation of $30 Billion dollars. That's more than Ford, GM, or their cousins at Fiat-Chrysler. Although Sergio passed away in 2018, he knew full well what would happen. Being unchained from FCA, Ferrari has poured cash into R&D and expansion of the lineup. As a result, we have the new Roma coupe along with the SF90 Stradale, the most powerful series-production car of all time. If you missed out on the stock, you can still enjoy an incredible Italian masterpiece everyday. Click the button below to find a new Ferrari for sale and tell us if your best automotive investments in the comments below.