What was once a struggling European luxury brand has been transformed into an industry leader. Up until last year, every VW brand had separate engineering and research divisions. Realizing the inherent waste, Audi Sport stepped up to the challenge. They are a separate automaker not contsrained by Audi AG, the builders of the A-Series cars and Q-Series SUVs.

Therefore, Audi Sport has been responsible for the R8, e-Tron, and every RS model. While the chassis and many interior parts are shared with lesser models, every Audi RS is held to much higher standards. Relentless testing on the 'Ring and on the streets is used to flush out any imperfections. From piston rings to the leather stitching, each RS model represents thousands of hours in development and validation. Click the link below to browse incredible incentives on the RS 5 and stay with us for all your Audi news.