One of the marks of a true artist is when your fans are fighting over owning your next masterpiece. Rob Dickinson named his company in honor of the Porsche 911 Chief Engineer Norbert Singer, and his team chooses quality over quantity. After building a body of carbon fiber, almost every detail looks period correct.

Each one is built to order and no two Singer commissions are alike. That is why we delight in the details. Starting with a modern 911 AWD system, the Williams-developed 4-liter sends 360 horsepower to a six-speed manual. It was built by Porsche legend Ed Pink for years of reliability. That is a potent powertrain that is stopped by big red Brembos. Other options include a sunroof, Fuchs-style wheels, Hella bi-xenon headlights, and so much more. Click the button below for all the details, and stay with us for more amazing Singer builds.