UPDATE: We originally broke this story earlier today. Ferrari has since issued a press release to let everyone know they are back at full capacity. The following is from Ferrari HQ in Maranello:

"During this week, the Ferrari factories in Maranello and Modena gradually returned to full production, in line with the "Back on Track" program.  The first car to come off the Special Series lines, after seven weeks in which processing was suspended just a few hours before its completion, was a Ferrari Monza SP2 with a black and gray livery.  In the following days, an 812 GTS in Grigio GTS and a F8 Tributo in Rosso Corsa were among the first cars completed in the 12 and 8-cylinder lines.  The new Ferraris are ready to be delivered to their owners - in the USA, Germany and Australia respectively - and to finally hit the road"

They are still planning on releasing two new models before the end of the year, so stay with us for all your Ferrari news.