When we started our duPont REGISTRY Virtual Dealer Tours back at the beginning of March, we did so to help out dealerships that had been shut down. Like many businesses, these dealerships were blindsided by the shutdown and need to find a way to bring customers onto the showroom floor. For that, we teamed up with our partners to create the duPont REGISTRY Virtual Dealer Tours. Since then, we have added over 50 dealer tours to our portal page.

When we started our magazine back in 1985, we never would've imagined that we would have the technology to bring these showroom floors to our readers in such a way. Because we are so dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers of fine automobiles, we're working hard every day to find new ways to make that connection. These Virtual Dealer Tours are just one of our latest ways to connect buyers and sellers. And don't forget that if you want to sell one of your luxury cars, always make sure to get some professional help.

The dealers featured in our Virtual Dealer Tours are located across the United States and a couple are even found in other countries. We're continually updating our portal pages with new virtual tours and also updating existing ones with newer tours, so the cars featured are current. To get a taste of our Virtual Dealer Tours, you can find a playlist below. If you'd like to visit the portal page to see them all for yourself, be sure to click the button below.mailto:

If you happen to be a dealer that is a part of the duPont REGISTRY Dealer Network and would like to have your Virtual Dealer Tour listed on our platform, be sure to email us by clicking here.

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