With the incredible popularity of the original Family SUV, who would want to alter a low-mileage survivor? Well, our friend Dennis Collins and his team at Collins Brother's Jeep have built the first Hellcat-powered Jeep Grand Wagoneer. With immaculate original interior and exterior, nobody would suspect an 11-second quarter-mile.

Finished in the rare factory color of “Bright Red “with contrasting Light Tan interior this survivor Grand Wagoneer having covered a mere 51,981 miles was brought into Black Mountain Conversions and had the 2018 Hellcat engine swap performed. This stock looking survivor actually houses a 707HP surprise under its hood, not to be messed with!

Bodywork is stock and has fared very well indeed, as has the interior, carpets. Floors, and seats all have faired well, a true testament to its previous owner. Bodywork is in fabulous condition.


  • 51,981 Miles from New.
  • 500 Miles Since Conversion.
  • 707HP Hellcat Engine Swap.
  • True Survivor Vehicle.

This is a true one of conversion, with Grand Wagoneers now commanding a high value, we believe this is the only one in the world with a Hellcat 707HP conversion, not to be missed, a lot of fun, and a blue-chip investment, ready to use…