Nothing beats a ring of fried flour covered with your choice of confectionery. If your car is front-wheel drive we apologize in advance, because what you are about to wittness is a delight for AWD and RWD enthusiasts. More than just drifting a complete circle, a proper demonstration of opposite-lock steering and brake control is required. So let's see how the BMW M4 offers incredible donut recipes.

Shot at their Proving Grounds in Maisach, instructor Ede Weihretter sentences a pair of rear tires to death. At his command, the TwinPower 3-liter turbo offers 444 horsepower with 406 lb-ft of torque along with an active differential. The innovative front suspension has dual ball joints and more steering feedback than you ever dreamed of. That is how donuts are born. Not in a bland food factory, but with your hands behind the wheel. Click the button below to find your M4 and stay with us for all your BMW updates.