Many companies claim to offer bespoke built automobiles but how many actually create something truly individual? How often do they offer the chance to sit down and specify your car with the original designer? How many deliver programs in conjunction with an iconic Italian design house? Or projects endorsed by a manufacturer such as Aston Martin, and supported by partnerships with brands including Mulberry or Bremont? And, once you own the car, provide a ticket to enter a ‘universe’ of exclusive lifestyle and motorsport events around the world? Founded just two years ago, R-Reforged, is intent on delivering all that and a whole lot more.
According to R-Reforged, it exists to create desirable and personalized limited-edition vehicles. We’ve heard about this kind of offering many times before but where R-Reforged differs is that it’s going beyond show cars and renders and actually cutting metal and stitching leather.

Two very different programs, both endorsed by Aston Martin, have been recently revealed by the Swiss firm. The first, in partnership with legendary design house Zagato, is the Vantage V12 Heritage TWINS. As the name implies, customers will receive two cars, one coupe and one speedster, each finished individually at R-Reforged’s new UK facility in Warwick. Also taking shape is a second program, a sensitive but substantial upgrade of the beautiful Aston Martin Vanquish. The substantial revisions to the design and engineering of the iconic car have been led by the original renowned designer Ian Callum CBE, and clients will have the unique chance to sit with him to specify their car. Just 25 Vanquish will be created, with the first group of enthusiastic customers already enjoying the process of making the design choices either at the Warwick facility, R-Reforged’s Swiss facility or proving more popular over the past few months, via web conference.

“All of our projects will offer an unparalleled ownership experience from the point of ordering throughout the time you own the car,” says managing director David Fairbairn. “Beyond configuring the car and watching it being built, there will be intimate social events, a chance to be part of our racing and track experiences and most preciously of all, time with the people that create and craft the cars. It will be a chance to immerse yourself in the story of your car. And the attention to detail will be staggering.”

As one example, TWINS customers will receive a beautiful handmade carbon box brimming with personalized teasers of the cars they will soon receive. “Then, before the car arrives, owners will receive an exquisite pair of Leica Zagato binoculars, followed by a series of other exclusive tailored gifts that are sure to delight and surprise. To keep that element, I can’t tell you about all of them,” adds Fairbairn. It’s seemingly a different and novel approach, by a team that has worked on some of the most exciting cars of the last decade including Singer, Jaguar C-X75 and all with the reassurance and kudos of being endorsed by Aston Martin. To find out what that experience could be like, you might just have to hurry, as only a handful of the 19 TWINS are still available