Just when we thought their "Reformer" series was over, our friend Jonathan Ward has done it again. By finding an American classic and upgrading every moving part, ICON 4x4 has unveiled a restored 1970 Ford Ranger. The goal of their Reformers is to keep a mostly stock appearance, at least at a distance. This goes for the interior also, with leather tanned to mimic the original vinyl.

The billet aluminum wheels are 18" and replicate the Ranger's original steel 15"s. The suspension is all-new, with radius arms up front and a 4-link Dynatrac rear. Power is sent to all wheels by a divorced Atlas II transfer case and an AOD automatic. The real treat is a new Coyote 5.0 crate engine. It offers 426 horsepower or a dozen times what the original straight-6 could muster. As with the other Reformers, you will have Hydraboost Brembo brakes, Vintage Air GenIV A/C, power windows, power steering, and modern infotainment. If you are tired of seeing the C10 guys have all the fun, contact ICON 4x4 for more details.