Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Price

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T was introduced at the 2016 Paris Motor show. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T for sale is a rear-wheel-drive version of the super responsive GTC4Lusso with a smaller, front-mid V-8 engine. This four-seater Ferrari supercar can reach excessive speeds and turn heads with its 3-door shooting-brake styling. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T price starts just above $260,000, with plenty of opportunities for customization. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T for sale is lighter and feels sportier than the Lusso. Responsive, electronically controlled dampers enhance a four-wheel-steering system that is a pleasure to drive. Given the comfort and precision drive, however, it is well worth the cost.

This glamorous hatchback consistently ranks highly among its owners for its cozy cabin and luxurious trim packages. Rich leather covers every surface that isn't made of carbon fiber or brushed metal—you won't find any plastic here.  A large, fast central infotainment touchscreen and sharp, easy to read displays put all of the features at your fingertips. You’ll find four sporty, comfortable seats in the dual-cockpit cabin clad in premium, finely stitched leather. It even offers a generous trunk capacity.

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Bear in mind that premium features like Apple CarPlay, a panoramic roof, and triple-layer paint will drive up the cost significantly. If you're worried about the price, you probably shouldn’t be considering a Ferrari. The hatchback design affords large glass viewing areas, making it easier to see out of compared to other high-performance coupes, but the optional panoramic roof lets in even more light for a decidedly airy cabin. Slim LED lights, a wide grille, and circular taillights complement the GTC4Lusso T's distinctive figure. Quad exhaust outlets and other unmistakable details won't let you forget that this is still a proper Ferrari.   

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Review 

No Ferrari GTC4Lusso T review is complete without talking about this Ferrari’s smooth handling and modern interior. Five sport mode selections help you put Ferrari’s Side Slip Control System and take advantage of the Lusso T's lighter body with rear weight bias. The used GTC4Lusso T also features an impressive chassis that elegantly handles curves and delivers a comfortable, engaging ride.

Brutal acceleration and rapid throttle response speak to the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T’s powerful engine, making it fun to drive. Ferrari has spared no expense with sumptuous interior features in 12 different schemes to lend this Grand Touring a pleasant ride, too. The GTC4Lusso T has an extremely streamlined, tapered shooting-brake shape that affords a sleek, fastback-like silhouette to this stylish car. In case you're fooled by the wide, stable, practical exterior, a notable howl from the finely-tuned exhaust will remind you that this is still a capable sportscar.   

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T  Specs 

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T specs are quite impressive. This car consistently outperforms others in its category and handily smokes its competition. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T top speed is a whopping 199 mph thanks to direct fuel injection. In case that’s not enough, rev the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds.

In fact, opting for the T is marginally more efficient without a significant decrease in performance, and the GTC4Lusso T can complete a standing ¼ mile in just 11.5 seconds. The GTC4Lusso T weight is 3,836 lbs, slim compared to other 4 seat hatchbacks. This reduction, in addition to the simpler and lighter RWD system, provides the GTC4Lusso T with plenty of focused acceleration, hyper-responsive steering, and agile speed. Despite its chopped off rear, the wheelbase is a lengthy 117.7 inches, affording plenty of interior capacity, too.  

Ferrari GTC4LussoT Specs:

Price: $260,000
Engine: 3.8-liter twin turbo V8
Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch
Horsepower: 602 hp
Torque: 561 lb-ft
0-60: 3.5 seconds
Top Speed: 199 mph
Weight: 3,836 lbs

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Engine 

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T 3.8 L twin-turbo V8 engine is the same as that sold in almost every Ferrari for sale. The efficient flat-plane crankshaft engine includes new pistons and intercoolers, a revised air intake, longer stroke shiny new exhaust system. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T has 602 hp maximum output and comes with a simpler, lighter rear-wheel-drive system than its predecessor but still offers plenty of power and impressive acceleration. Peak torque for this car is 561 lb-ft at 3000 rpm. This reduces the curb weight of the GTC4Lusso T by 121 pounds. 

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Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Transmission 

The Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T has a snappy 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that offers a manual shifting mode for a sporty driving experience. The transmission sends power to the rear wheels. Steering in this car is quick, and the grip is ample. It features active Magneride dampers that support directional stability at higher speeds. You can change directions with ease, and the option to shift between five sport mode selections tailor the drive for conditions including ice, wet, comfort, sport, and ESC OFF, making this a car that you could love to drive every day. 

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T Standout Features 

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T achieves a unique balance in the Ferrari line-up. It’s sleek hatchback design that almost belies the fierce equipment under the hood. While the engine keeps pace with its even higher-performance siblings, the GTC4Lusso can comfortably seat and entertain four adults (ok, the rear seats will require a little shimmy and don’t offer a ton of legroom, but they are raised so rear passengers have a great view) for a weekend drive.

Unlike other mid-engine sportscars with similar pedigrees, this car provides substantial cargo space, too. You could conceivably fit a decent amount of luggage—perhaps a bike—in the trunk. The imposing 3.8L V-8 engine provides plenty of punch for quick takeoffs—almost as fast as it’s V-12 sibling and the steering and handling on this car consistently receive rave reviews. To top it off, the leather-cloaked cockpit is luxurious and thoughtfully laid out for an interactive experience. A panoramic roof with its roomy vista makes this car like few others on the road.