When you are born in a vineyard, you need to have mechanical aptitude to keep the farm running smoothly. After fixing tractors for his family and neighbors at an early age, he decided to build his own. After the war, Italy's factories were in ruins, so Ferruccio Lamborghini released is his first tractor in 1948. Following that, he designed an innovative air conditioning system, efficient oil-burning boilers, and other products that didn't meet his standards for quality.

"If you wanna be somebody, buy a Ferrari. If you ARE somebody, buy a Lamborghini" Frank Sinatra

This process led to a fateful encounter after continually having to replace the clutch on his wife's Ferrari. Frustrated with it, he took the clutch plate off and realized it was tiny, being the same size used in agricultural equipment. Incensed that he paid a ton of money for a car with a wimpy clutch, he demanded a meeting with Enzo. Being one of Italy's most successful industrialists, Enzo obliged. After a heated argument, Ferrari told him he knew nothing about cars, so go back to making tractors. After hiring away Ferrari's best engineers and asking Bertone for a gorgeous body, Automobili Lamborghini launched in 1963. The rest is history, and he would have been 104 years old today. Happy Birthday Sir, and thank you for creating the supercar industry.