The moment you step into a CESSNA CITATION LONGITUDE jet, you feel different. It’s impossible to ignore the immaculate presence the interior commands. Spacious, flat floors with six-foot-high ceilings allow you to stretch out and relax in the comfort and quality only Textron Aviation offers.

You feel your entire body relax as you settle into a seat designed for both appearance and comfort. You feel empowered and important as you admire the respect this aircraft demands. It’s luxury in the sky and you immediately feel you couldn’t need anything more than this.

That feeling is crafted, designed and executed by a team of industrial and interior designers who say they often find inspiration from the details and contours of luxury vehicles.

“Unique quilting patterns, debossed personalization, such as a logo, and contrasting leather piping have been incorporated as customs on our larger models,” one Textron Aviation interior designer explains.

With similar goals in comfort and style, aviation interior design teams say there are often commonalities in luxury aircraft, such as the Longitude and CITATION LATITUDE jets, and luxury vehicles. Often, customers notice that similarity and want to take it a step farther.

“We have had customers ask to base their aircraft interiors on details, textures, and color palettes from their luxury cars,” the designer said.

But it’s no secret that if time is a consideration, an aircraft is the solution. With the ability to go thousands of miles without having to stop for fuel at speeds that more than triple race cars, finding your next perfect interior inside a Citation jet is a consideration you won’t want to pass up.