When you need to get from Paris to Dakar in style, many racers spend a ton of money preparing for the rally. Always thinking outside the box, Jim Glickenhaus and his team have something unprecedented to offer. In order to take on the world's toughest terrain, the Mini Boot will be nimble and fast. In order to make SCG cars more affordable to the masses, this is their first model offered in installments.

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It will arrive as a crate of parts along with easy instructions. Meeting DOT laws in all 50 states, the chassis is designed to use a turbocharged Chevrolet EcoTec along with a Sadev transaxle. Both are capable of incredible power and known for bulletproof reliability. Kit cars are great fun, especially when teaching kids how to turn a wrench. Tell us how you would make yours unique in the comments below and check out the full size boot #1 that is almost near completion!