ENVE, was founded in 2007 with a soul focus on creating a better ride experience through bespoke crafted-carbon bicycle wheels and components. Founded “by riders for riders” as the saying goes, the ideas that fuel ENVE innovation are born on the bike.

Located in Ogden, Utah, at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, ENVE stands out in the high-end bicycle aftermarket for having built a premium brand while also successfully establishing itself as a US carbon-rim manufacturer when nearly all bicycle related manufacturing happens overseas. In fact, in 2017 ENVE completed and moved into a brand new headquarters and state-of-the-art carbon manufacturing facility. This move made it possible for ENVE to continue to scale their manufacturing capabilities and drive innovation at the highest level.

Today, ENVE continues to innovate at the highest level and their products are chosen around the globe by the most discerning performance oriented cyclists of all disciplines. Here’s a rundown of their main product categories:

Smart ENVE System (SES) - Developed in partnership with former Formula One Aerodynamicist, Simon Smart. This innovative line of wheels continues to be the benchmark for aerodynamic speed and stability due to its unique rim shapes and depths that have been optimized for the front and back of the bike respectively. These wheels have been ridden to numerous victories in the Tour de France.

M Series - ENVE’s mountain line of wheels. Each wheel is refined and tuned for the specific application/discipline for which it is intended. The M Series sets the benchmark for strength and durability and features patented technologies that prevent flat tires and ensure best-in-class reliability.

G Series - If you ride bikes, you know that gravel riding (aka riding road bikes on dirt roads) is all the rage in cycling the past few years. Many have ventured off the paved path and roads to enjoy their favorite sport away from busy roads. The G Series features two purpose-built models that deliver benchmark toughness, flat-tire protection, and comfort. These are must-have features for riding unsuspended bikes off-road.

To learn more about ENVE and their offering, visit www.enve.com.