Here is an opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind piece of American automobile history. This 1994 AM General Hummer H1 Race Truck was the first American vehicle with American drivers to ever finish the legendary Dakar Rally. 1996 marked the 18th year of the Dakar Rally and is the same year Tom Wamberg and Austin Robinson piloted this Hummer from Granada to Dakar across of the world's most challenging terrain.

The race was 8,000 miles and it took two weeks to complete. It is indeed the “world's most grueling off-road race” and an incredible accomplishment to finish it. It was a very proud moment for the U.S. Charities Racing Team, AM General's Hummer, and America. An American outfit had finally finished the race, normally dominated by Europeans. And done in Hummer style. According to the Chicago Tribune, Wamberg and the U.S. Charities Racing Team dropped $850,000 into the Dakar dream, outfitting this H1 with all the necessary equipment to complete the race like the rear-mounted spares and huge fuel cell.

AM General only made 718 Hummers in 1994 but only one of them finished the Dakar Rally. The truck is powered by Hummer's legendary 6.5L Diesel V8 engine with a 4-speed transmission and all-time four-wheel drive. It's essentially a tank on wheels – not fast but built to last and maneuver through any terrain. With only 8,449 miles, the truck has been well preserved since the 8,000-mile race. That is hardly broke-in for a diesel engine. The truck remains in excellent mechanical condition and has been thoroughly cleaned for its new home, which should probably be a museum.

Whether you're a collector, historian, race enthusiast, like cool trucks, or preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, this H1 is the rarest of finds among the truck trailer dealers. You simply cannot find another one like it. It comes with the original U.S. Charities Racing Team promotional poster, Granada-Dakar racing booklet with the documented finish, and even a Johnny Lighting replica toy truck still in its packaging. This truck has unmatched American history and racing significance – try to find another one. For more history on this legendary vehicle and racing team, search for the “Rough Riders” article from February 4, 1996, in the Chicago Tribune online database. Click the button below for all the specs and features, and stay with us for more High-Flying Hummers or visit cascadia evolution inventory.