Greek children had plenty of reasons to be afraid of the dark, and the most fearsome monster was the Chimera. The beast written about by Homer was a combination of lion, goat and snake. Splicing together the most lethal parts of each is a recipe for dominance, and that is why Fab Fours has unleashed their Kymera.

What began life as a Chevy Colorado shop truck inevitably became a statement to the world of 4WD. Known around the world for their rugged, American made parts, the fabricators began by removing all the stock suspension. Fox Racing supplied a special blend of rock crawling with a hint of Stadium Super Truck. With coil springs taller than your truck, it gives the look of a classic body-drop without cutting up the floors.

Before dropping in a Cummins 12-Valve diesel, a roll cage was tied into the frame and suspension mounts. A compound turbo setup offers boost in any situation, with a soundtrack that echoes from Charlotte to Charleston. I have had the opportunity to showcase their builds at auto shows across the country. One underlying fact of each is that the 4WD community hates junk products. The industry is full of foreign-sourced imitations, and they are a recipe to leave you stranded. That's why you should click the link below to see what Fab Fours offers for your truck.