When it comes to ordering Ferrari's flagship, options are everything. While many will choose a showroom model, checking off every box puts you on the factory's radar. It opens doors to exclusive events and allows you the opportunity to purchase low-production exclusive models not offered to the public. If you are a regular customer, and on the factory's good graces, another door will open.

A Ferrari Atelier is the ultimate way to personalize your car. It takes their Tailor Made program to the next level by offering a hotline to the factory. Only a handful of dealers around the world have an Atelier showroom. This is because of strict attention to detail mandated by the factory, and a significant amount of time and training involved. That is why any Atelier-built Ferrari stands apart from all lesser models. Our friends at Ferrari of Long Island specialize in this process, and we're glad to offer their highly optioned 2018 Ferrari Atelier 812 Superfast for sale.

It was ordered and sold by them to s discerning owner. It has less than 1,000 miles and the remainder of the factory warranty. Matte Gray over Red Leather is not offered to just anyone, that is why it belongs in your collection. Click the button below for all the details and stay with us for more amazing Atelier builds from Ferrari of Long Island.