Today marks half a century since Heaven gained its fastest Angel. To make sure his latest build was ready to race, Bruce McLaren was testing the M8D when the rear body panels collapsed. As the rear spoiler flew away, the loss in downforce made the car uncontrollable, and he lost the battle at Goodwood Circuit.

A Minute Of Noise For Bruce McLaren

Earlier today, his daughter Amanda was joined by family and a friends to light 50 candles. The somber and respectful moment was the setting for something new. A massive bronze statue of the company founder was unveiled, with the second M8D alongside. Powered by a 7.6-liter Chevrolet, the M8 Series allowed Team McLaren to dominate Can-Am racing for five consecutive years. In Formula 1 they have amassed 182 wins, 12 Drivers’ Championships and 8 Constructors’ Championships.

Life is short and fragile, and Bruce lived every minute doing what he loved. That dedication can be felt and seen in every car that bears his name. By doing so, Bruce isn't gone, he just went to race in a better place.