Rolls-Royce's latest iteration of their 'Inspiring Greatness' series stars none other than award-winning National Geographic photographer and explorer Cory Richards. In the film, found above, you'll find what pushes Richards to embark on his treacherous expeditions and what it means to him. Did you know that Richards is the only American and one of the few people to climb the 8,000-meter peak of Pakistan's Gasherbrum II in winter? Richards also took a Rolls-Royce Cullinan to remote parts of Scotland, the UAE and the US as part of 'The Final Challange." He tested to Cullinan to "the point of destruction," taking it through some treacherous terrains.

On what Rolls-Royce means to him, Richards says: “Everything I do is driven by risk-taking. If we don’t take risks, we don’t fail, and when we don’t fail, we don’t learn. Rolls-Royce, to me, occupies a space that I resonate with in terms of perfection, where there is an absolute attention to detail that is unrivalled. There’s a willingness to take time in order to create something that is beyond compare that encourages us to dream about what we can accomplish.”

Check out the video for yourself up above.