Courtesy of Textron Aviation, Japan has received new testing gear for their ILS (Instrument Landing) equipment. The Japanese Air Self Defense Force is tasked with protecting domestic and military flight for the nation. This means being able to land and takeoff in any situation. To ensure the system works under the most adverse conditions, the first Cessna Citation Latitude was delivered in Japan.

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The talented team in Wichita has built a wonder of modern aviation. With a range of 3,107 miles, it can cruise across continents with ease. Another shocker is a takeoff length of only 3,580 feet. In comparison, the runways at Orlando International Airport are 10,000 feet long. The cabin has a flat floor with six feet of height, making it capable of almost any cargo or transport situation. Engine power will vary by customer, with special operations and "agencies" having extra notches on the throttle. Deep six your G6 and click the link below to learn more.