Leather tanning has been a dirty business for the last 1,000 years. Not only is it wasteful, but the byproducts are also poisonous to say the least. We were thankful when microfiber arrived as it lessens the environmental impact of the auto industry. Just when we thought we knew everything about this revolutionary sedan, the Porsche Taycan interior takes sustainability to a new level.

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Traditional hides have a limited lifespan because they are continually assaulted by the sun, the atmosphere, and even the oils from our skin. That is why OLEA will allow the Taycan's interior to last the life of the car. It is plant-based and dyed using olive leaves, just another way Porsche is ahead of everyone else. If you haven't experienced a Taycan in person, click the button below and leave all preconceived notions of perfection behind.