A V6-powered SUV is more capable than a four-cylinder. And that is why your SUV needs twelve cylinders, twin turbos, and three locking differentials. Stretch the wheelbase and add a partition for the ultimate in private transportation. While you are at it, give both rear passengers heated and cooled seats, and a well-insulated convertible top.

That is precisely what royalty dreams of, and it became a reality for a select few. When Mercedes-Benz engineers had the 2019 G-Class on the drawing board, they decided it would not need room for their venerable V12. That is why the teams at AMG and Maybach joined forces to send the original G-Class off in style.

Using the long wheelbase of the Mercedes-AMG 6x6, it allowed ample room for executive rear seats to fully recline. The center console hides leather tables for each, and controls for both 10" HD screens. The powered glass partition is sound-insulated and can turn opaque using the same elctrochromatic system as the SL's Magic Sky Roof. Thanks to 630 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque, you will feel the wind in your hair if as the driver launches with locked differentials.

You will be riding on the portal axles from the 4x4 Squared. Not only do they provide ample ground clearance, twin coil-over shocks at each corner soak up any rough pavement. Staying true to its name, the ultimate Geländewagen can cut its own path through the woods and fording creeks to get you out of trouble. No other executive transport has the ability to climb mountains or tackle a soupy swamp.

When the concept was announced in 2017, orders came in from all corners of the world. But due to the hand-built perfection, Mercedes-Maybach limited production to 99 examples. Only a handful made it to the western hemisphere, so don't pass up this opportunity. This combination of power, agility, luxury, and history will never come your way again. Click the button below for all the details and stay with us for more amazing Maybach models.