Although there are signs of hope on the horizon, spending big money on upgrades is not a smart move given the current circumstances. That's why our friends at Tire Stickers can make your car unique while being socially distant. With the ability to print anything you want to say, their D.I.Y. kits make a statement, even from a distance.

With prices ranging from $10 to $30 per tire, they are the most sensible upgrade to your car. Each kit includes adhesive, gloves for the installation, decals pre-curved and sized to your specific tire. Parts stores aren't fun, even without a contagious disease on the loose. That's why Tire Stickers offers their own brand of tire cleaner and shine that will protect and seal the rubber.

Your imagination is the only limit. Tire Stickers can be made to say anything, promote your social media handles, your car's build number, your car club's logo, or a loved one's birthday. Some of the more creative ones we have seen include "Up In Smoke" (on drag radials), "Donut Delivery", "Molon Labe", "OU812", or "HEMI".Many opt for complete whitewalls or redlines for a retro look. Applying them takes patience and time, which many of us have plenty of these days.

But if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, Tire Stickers sells all tire brands, and sizes. They will arrive with decals already applied, ready to be mounted on your ride. Ordering from Tire Stickers includes a warranty from the manufacturer and a warranty on the graphics for the rated life of the tire. Although many businesses remain shut down as a result of COVID-19, it has not affected their shipping or lead times. Click the button below for all the information and stay with us for more great offers from Tire Stickers.