Winning races around the world is only achievable for a select few. If you are tired of being bested by beater cars, allow us to offer the best new Ford GTs you can buy today. The basis of this list lies in the 2018 Ford GT specs and price review. As the Ford supercar has evolved we have followed development both on and off the track.

How many Ford GT generations are there?

There have been two generations of the Ford GT in production. The first generation was produced from 2005 to 2006, with 4,038 examples being produced over the course of those two years.

Is the Ford GT a supercar?

Yes, the Ford GT is absolutely a supercar. What's more, it holds a special place as being a true American supercar. With plenty of power and an aggressively sleek design, the Ford GT checks off all of the boxes for what a supercar should be.

Is the Ford GT still in production?

As of December 16, 2022, the Ford GT is still in production. However, the final special edition was recently announced and the current-gen Ford GT's production will be winding down soon.

Will there be a third-generation Ford GT?

There has been no confirmation of a third-generation Ford GT, but Ford does state that the second-generation model is the "current gen." Some could take this as a sign that a future-generation Ford GT will be coming.

Is the Ford GT40 a GT?

Technically speaking, the GT40 is a completely separate model from the GT. While the design DNA between the GT40 and GT are similar, the original Le Mans race car of the 1960s. This is why there are two generations of the Ford GT, and one of the GT40. That being said, there were multiple "Versions" of the original GT40.

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2019 Ford GT

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2006 Ford GT

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