ONEflight is the fastest growing, and industry leader for accessible private jet travel. With the world's largest network of quality jets made up of 500 of the best charter operators and a proprietary BAJit app and [Book A Jet] booking platform. BAJit has revolutionized the industry, providing clients fingertip access. Clients have access to over 4,000 aircraft globally and get the lowest, unbiased, universal price point. is the most advanced technology available to securely search, select, and book private aircraft of your choice based upon availability, size, pricing, and amenities and it’s as simple as booking a hotel room. Their online platform is a must for any executive business traveler in today's competitive and geographically expansive world.

Who knows the importance of maximizing time better than anyone? Robert Herjavec. Best known from ABC's Emmy® Award-winning investor series Shark Tank, and founder and CEO of Herjavec Group, he extols the virtues of ONEflight International's proprietary BAJit system. ”I'm proud to partner with ONEflight and have been a fan of their BAJit system since Day One. ONEflight makes private air travel convenient while still maintaining a luxury experience with catered meals and private car service on both ends of the flight are always included. I always like to say, 'Even Superman only has 24-hours in a day!' It's what you do with those hours that counts.” A business traveler who logs hundreds of flight hours each year and personally knows the benefits of flying private, Herjavec is convinced that travelling this way isn’t just for the rich and famous. According to Herjavec, the ease and accessibility of ONEflight’s BAJit app has made it much more affordable than ever before. “With the amount of traveling I do I've been very fortunate to maximize my time and productivity by flying ONEflight and I encourage other business leaders globally to become a ONEflight International member."

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