Akio Toyoda told his engineers that cost was not an object when developing the LFA. Given a decade of development and countless millions of dollars, the company lost money on each of the 500 cars. Nevertheless, there are those among us (including Yours Truly) who can't leave a car in its original form. That is why the team at EKanooRacing wanted to see what their LFA was capable of before any modifications. This Lexus LFA screams to 9,500 rpm on the dyno, making 531 WHP & 370 lb-ft of torque.

Lexus LFA Price, Specs, Photos & Review

Since 4th gear in the LFA is 1.23:1, these numbers are lower than what the engine actually sends to the rear tires. Yamaha designed the LFA's V10 to have a perfect harmonic balance from idle to 10,000 rpm, so nothing like it will ever be built again. To experience the true power and refinement of the LFA, click the link below to find one for yourself.