If you want the latest and greatest, most automakers save significant changes until a new model is introduced. However Bugatti never stops testing and improving upon their designs. With supercomputer continually crunching the numbers, test drivers and engineers have been looking for every possible way to improve the Chiron. Dedication of this level is not found anywhere else in the automotive world, so here are the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport engineering details explained.

In a press release yesterday, they began by mentioning that this car might look like a Chiron. But everything underneath has been scrutinized for weight and performance, to the extent that the Pur Sport is nearly a clean-sheet redesign.

2021 Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Road Trip

Stefan Ellrott, Head of Development at Bugatti: “The Chiron Pur Sport is much more agile, firm and precise. It’s more hungry for corners, accelerates faster thanks to a shorter gear ratio and offers increased downforce thanks to new aerodynamics.”

Engineers tried 17 combinations of caster, camber, shocks and springs. Countless hours on the track yielded a reduction in camber of 2.5 degrees at all corners. This necessitated new bearings (130% stiffer) for the control arms. Upgrades in the chassis' stiffness have allowed the spring rates to be raised from 100 to 166 N/mm on the front and from 150 to 200 N/mm on the rear. New strut mounts hold revised magnetic suspension that makes adjustments every six milliseconds.

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Finally, transmission and differential gearing is 15% shorter. This makes for blistering acceleration at the expense of limiting top speed. The Pur Sport tops out at 217 mph, but it gets there much faster than its predecessors. To ensure the quality and performance of these upgrades, the prototypes have over 31,000 miles and counting. Chief Engineer Jachin Schwalbe says: "The combination of a firmer chassis, shorter gear ratio, more downforce and the new ESC-Sport+ driving mode is addictive. The Chiron Pur Sport selects the right gear in every situation, no matter how dynamic. It feels like it’s glued to the road. Then you’ve got this tremendous acceleration. The car exceeds the expectations of even the most experienced drivers." Click the button below to find out more from our dealers and stay with us for all your Bugatti news.