We are often asked about our favorite electric or hybrid car. Trying to extol the virtues of a LaFerrari versus a P1 GTR is nearly impossible to vocalize. But the question that has divided our virtual office is: "What is the most beautiful charger?" No, not the Dodge Sedan with Hellcat power. We are talking about the apparatus used to charge the HV batteries on electrified rides. While most are ugly boxes with blinking lights, the Porsche Taycan brings elegance to charging.

We see a dark obelisk in their latest YouTube video. Easily wired into your home's electrical panel, the Wall Box is in constant communication with you. It is more than an appliance, it is a companion capable of optimizing your Taycan for your daily commute. It is the passion for even the smallest detail that keeps Porsche fans loyal. If you can find a better-looking charger, post it in the comments below and stay with us for all your Porsche news.