My first experience in a 2-door S-Class was nothing short of perfection. There is nothing wrong with the traditional S-Class sedan, its just massive. That is why the coupe and convertible replicate every ounce of luxury and performance into a platform that is a bit more practical.

It makes no sense to not go all-in when you need the perfect daily driver. That is why the AMG version arrives fully loaded. This is their flagship coupe since the S65 version was cancelled last year. The Vi12 made it nose-heavy and didn't allow for All Wheel Drive. With it out of the way, engineers have thrown all their efforts into the 2020 S63 coupe.

You will have a twin-turbo V8 sending 603 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque to all wheels. All the latest safety and comfort you would expect is found throughout the interior. Instead of a dual-clutch transmission, their patented Multi-Clutch system can go from silky smooth to bang shifts in Sport+ mode. If you can handle this matte black masterpiece, click the button below for all the details and stay with us for more great offers from Mercedes-Benz of Easton.