Luxury Lease Partners (LLP) is a privately funded lessor known for its creative lease solutions. LLP specializes in cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls Royce and more for customers who may have challenges obtaining conventional financing.  By focusing on the customer’s ability to make the required down payment and monthly payments, they can approve car lovers who don’t fit the conventional credit mold.

During the current period of economic uncertainty, LLP has remained committed to providing its customers and dealer partners with continued high levels of service.  LLP works with over 200 dealers nationwide, including Prestige Imports Miami, Lamborghini Newport Beach, Luxury Auto Collection in Scottsdale, Arizona, Lamborghini Houston, Marshall Goldman Motor Sales and McLaren Boston, just to name a few.

“While we saw a slowdown in activity over the past few weeks, we worked with our partners to close several deals during this period,” said CEO Doug Goodman.  “We’re also seeing heightened interest in our sale-leaseback program where business owners whose operations have been impacted by the crisis can access short-term liquidity from the equity in their exotic vehicle or classic car collection. Despite the turbulence in the high-line market, we have not changed our approval criteria or our pricing.”

LLP’s sale-leaseback program is designed to offer a quick approval and funding with straightforward requirements:

  • A vehicle or collection valued at $75,000 or more
  • A completed application
  • Three months’ bank statements
  • VIN number and mileage for the vehicle

No minimum credit score, no tax statements, and no paystubs required. 

“The key to our success has been to evaluate the customer and the collateral on their own merits, rather than sticking to arbitrary rules that don’t reflect the customer’s true financial situation,” said Goodman.  “That’s allowed us to get deals done that others can’t – with small business owners, foreign nationals, and folks with strong incomes but a messy credit history.”

If you have the financial capability to afford your dream car and have been turned down for any reason, or think you wouldn’t be approved, give LLP a call at 201-244-7126, visit, or email Whether you’ve found your vehicle and need financing, or want to understand what you can afford so you can shop confidently, LLP’s credit team will be happy to discuss your situation and find the right solution.

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