Situated at the crossroads of Appalachia and the Midwest, Columbus, Ohio is our 14th largest city. Charles Lindbergh knew the airport would be geographically strategic for those heading west. But we know his true motives: He wanted a new Porsche.

Last year, nearly 9 million passengers used the terminal, and each one had to pass by our friends at Byers Imports. Since 1987 they have been a fixture in our magazine as the most successful Porsche dealer in the Buckeye State. Sure a perfect location plays a major part, but unbelievable inventory is the other half of the recipe. By keeping their finger on the pulse of Porsche Purists, they scour the nation looking for cars that will take your breath away.

That is exactly what they are offering with both versions of the PCA Edition 911 GT3 Cup Cars. The 2018 "Club Blau" is one of five produced for the world. It was a special project by Porsche North America to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Porsche Club Of America.

A fraternal twin is the white GT3 Cup with Club Blau accents. These brothers have been reunited in a scene that probably won't happen again. With production numbers counted on one hand. Both represent 500 horsepower and Porsche's commitment to factory-backed racing.

As such, the 4.0L was built with forged pistons and crank, connected by titanium rods. This masterpiece is bolted to a sequential transmission with helical gears. The spartan interior has a carbon fiber dash with controls for lap times, pit road speed, and reserve fuel warning. A factory roll cage and fire system keep you safe, as the carbon fiber body allows for a curb weight of 2,646 lbs.

Other innovations include switching from normal glass to Gorilla glass and incorporating the central-mounted radiator from the RSR. A 31-gallon fuel cell has rollover cutoff and a self-sealing membrane. These cars are FIA homologated to be entered in events around the world, it doesn't get better than this. Instead of being flogged on a track, this pair of PCA editions was saved for posterity.

If the demands of GT3 racing are too much to consider, Byers also sells many Cayman GT4 Clubsports. This white 2020 example sports 425 horsepower and 425 lb-ft of torque from a naturally aspirated 3.8L. The body is made of sustainable natural fibers and it is ready to race at any GT4 event
Porsche GT cars were built to take on the world's best, and their list of accolades is as thick as a phonebook. It is time to dust off your firesuit, grab your helmet and catch a flight to Columbus. Tell them duPont REGISTRY sent you.