Technology in the home is a growing category within the luxury market, with automation systems, surround-sound and security measures now viewed as essential features. In terms of audio, luxurious speakers and equipment will please the avid music listener with the ease of use designed for anyone. An amplified music experience awaits with the incorporation of any of these audio systems. At the top of the market, these set-ups exude a high-end ambiance and emit only the best sound.

Meridian M6 Digital Active Loudspeaker

The Meridian M6 is a visually stunning loudspeaker. Featuring individual components that are perfectly matched and sonically balanced, the entire system’s electronics are housed within the enclosure and deliver a level of performance that is unsurpassed by traditional speaker design.

Edifier Spinnaker

Edifier seeks to pioneer a new era of creativity and design when it comes to its Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. A perfect marriage between aesthetic and functionality. Introducing a sound system so revolutionary that it completely redefines what bookshelf speakers look like, feel like and sound like. Standing at 15” tall, the Spinnaker is engineered to be both visually striking and sonically stimulating.

Cabasse MC170 5.1 System

The new two-way midrange/tweeter of the MC170 range is a development of the unit responsible for the continuous success of the Cabasse Eole coaxial satellite. It offers a faithful reproduction of timbres and provides a soundstage with unrivaled realism and depth in its price segment, for both stereo and multichannel use.

McIntosh RS200

Delivering room filling sound, the RS200 Wireless Loudspeaker System is our next generation home audio wireless speaker. Designed for a modern streaming lifestyle, it comes packed with virtually everything you need to enjoy music streamed from your handheld devices, digital music stored online or a local computer, or played from legacy audio sources. Even connect it to your TV for better sound.

Klipsch The Three with Google Assistant

The Three with Google Assistant built in delivers a premium audio experience that has been professionally tuned by Klipsch acousticians. Don’t be fooled by its size. The Three tabletop system effortlessly pumps out powerful Klipsch sound with deep bass and clear dynamic range, delivering constant directivity and all the power, detail and emotion you expect from a live performance.

Sonus faber Sf16

2016 marked a new chapter in Sonus faber’s rich history with the re-birth of a classic icon first pioneered in 1980: The Snail. The inspiration for the concept of the revolutionary Sf16 project comes from evergreen icons from the past; the “muscle cars” of the sixties and the seventies and the classics of interior design of the late fifties are the center of the imaginary merged with the Sonus faber recognizable touch, the Walnut wood finish.

Master & Dynamic MA770 Wireless Speaker

Our MA770, a CES Innovation awards honoree, redefines the sound experience. Designed with Sir David Adjaye, the WiFi or Bluetooth connected speaker is made of an acoustically superior proprietary concrete composite. Audio componentry incorporates efficient dual 4" woven long throw woofers and a 1.5" titanium tweeter which are tuned to provide a rich, detailed and expansive sound that perfectly fills the home, office or studio. A magnetically attached stainless steel grille is removable for those that prefer the look of the exposed components and hand-finished concrete.

Devialet Gold Phantom

Gold Phantom, the ultimate connected speaker. Hear every detail brought to life with unthinkable clarity and precision by a Grade I Titanium tweeter. Surrender to indecent power and ultra-deep bass. Sound in its purest and most essential form, finished in fine 22-carat gold.

Eclipse TD-M1

The ECLIPSE TD-M1 achieves both the reproduction of world-class accurate sound and user-friendly performance, enabling all music fans the opportunity to enjoy music without the need for an in-depth knowledge of the technology. In the world for Hi-Fi audio enjoyed by avid fans everywhere, the ECLIPSE TD-M1 has thoroughly pursued the combination of accurate sound to the highest level and simple, user-friendly operability.

Casey Lin Timbre Speaker

Timbre Speaker trims the essence of a speaker down to the very bare minimum, allowing the inherent qualities of the materials to become the centerpiece of the design. All superfluous detail is stripped away, leaving only the necessary audio and power ports at the rear, and combined power and volume dial. Wood and glass were selected for their favourable acoustic qualities which enhances the audio experience of the user. The Black American Walnut wood adds a  warmth to the tone, while the addition of the glass vessels bring a more reverberant characteristic to the music.