There comes a point in every kid's life where they have to learn how to drive. Typically, this is done in parking lots and the car is a family car. For Ken Block's daughter, she has already learned to drive at the age of 13, but she's now learning how to do donuts. Like other kids, she's learning in a family car, which happens to be a race car, and in a parking lot... well it's a massive open area at the Utah Motorsports Campus. To be more specific, Ken is teaching his daughter in his 1978 Ford Escort Mk2 RS, a RWD race car that's one of the easier cars in his fleet to drive. Watching the master teach his daughter how to do a donut is pretty wholesome, just like his recent video. At the end of the day, she learns to do donuts but that's expected for a girl who is already getting podiums in UTV racing and learned how to drive a manual in a Ford Focus RS three days before driving her dad's race car. Check it out for yourself down below!