Ken Block and the Hoonigan Team were able to get some tire testing done just before we were all told to hang up our keys and stay home. Recently announced, Gymkhana Grid is making its way back to the United States in November of this year, so the guys took to The Burnyard to find the best tire setup from Toyo Tires. The test vehicle is Block’s personal MKII 1978 Ford Escort that has been heavily modified for rally racing and includes a custom rocket bunny widebody kit. Block and the team set up an obstacle track at where they tested Toyo Tires’: RR, R888R, and R1R. Before filming, Ken Block had not driven the MKII in over two and a half years, but after watching you would think it’s his daily driver. Click below to check out Ken Block shred Toyo tires off the MKII Ford Escort at 9000 RPMS!