Only a few times in history have automakers built de-tuned race cars for the public. As a way to showcase their engineering expertise, AMG is prepared to unleash a plug-in hypercar. If you are one of the 275 confirmed customers, here is how to customize your Mercedes-AMG One.

Let's start with the standard equipment. This carbon fiber body has inboard suspension that was tuned by Lewis Hamilton. Styling was handled by Gorden Wagener, and power comes from a 1.6L turbo V6. One motor/generator on the engine can power the rear wheels, and each front wheel has its own motor. The total output is rated at 1,231 horsepower. The turbo also has a small electric motor between the turbine and compressor to provide boost at an instant. This car uses parts directly from their F1 program, so it better have options worthy of such investment. We hope Rana65556 will show us the delivery process, so stay with us for all your Mercedes-AMG news.