If you like cars, good photography, or spend a decent amount of time on Instagram, you will probably recognize Ted Gushue’s (@tedgushue’s) work. He travels the globe attending automotive events from St Moritz to Bangkok and makes each adventure look more thrilling than the last. Ted’s travels are portrayed through his incredible photographs that tell a story about the location, the relationships and the cars in a way that is totally unique. Ted Gushue lives a life similar to James Bond, but in a cooler car: a Porsche.

His focus on all things Porsche helped bring @type7 to life, which takes Ted’s recipe for success on social media and gives the public a curated look into the aesthetics of the Porsche brand.

Today at 3pm est, Ted will be sitting down to chat with the one and only Daniel Arsham, another name you should know if you’ve had your eyes open this past year. Daniel is a New York City based artist known for taking the familiar and reimagining it to uncover a new dimension of the art. His work brings the elegance of antiquity into the modern age and lands somewhere in the middle of architecture, sculpture and performance. This can be seen in his latest automotive pieces, the functional 992 Porsche and the DeLorean that was featured in a recent DIOR campaign.

Be sure to tune in and get a deep dive into the minds and lives of these two incredible people.