Ever since Dr. Ferdinand Porsche decided on a rear-engine chassis, he knew a unique suspension system would be needed. When the 911 Turbo was introduced, novice drivers gave it the nickname of "widowmaker" due to the car wanting to spin out in hard corners. While the answer was to keep the skinny pedal on the floor, it was too scary for all but the world's best drivers. The new Porsche 911 Turbo S for sale has the most advanced components available, so let's watch the Porsche Active Suspension Management in action.

First off, the shocks are adjustable. So then engineers added helper springs that can change the car's corner weight bias at an instant. Riding 10mm lower than a standard Porsche 911 Carrera, the system also controls rear wheel steering. It can change the toe angle of each rear wheel independently which is genius in its own right. Their ace in the hole are the swaybars.

Instead of a traditional bar connecting the left and right sides, PASM has the ability to divorce left from right for a comfortable highway cruise. Reading the road ahead, it can also apply opposing spring tension to force the car to lean into the corner. This eliminates body roll and any centrifugal forces on the passengers. PASM is years ahead of everyone else and it is offered across Porsche's lineup. Click the link below to find one for yourself.

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