Industry analysts have wondered how Sony has lost market share in TVs and personal electronics. Three decades ago, Sony products could be found in homes around the world. Now they have thrown their hat into the ring to build the ultimate electric car. Get ready for the future, as Sony has unveiled the VISION-S at the Consumer Electronics Show.

In keeping with Sony traditions, this car was developed in secret, leveraging their decades of expertise in cameras and entertainment technology. No less than 33 of the world's best cameras are placed around the car for 360-degree safety. Another 3 monitor driver and passenger for symptoms of illness or fatigue.

Powered two 200 kW motors, it reaches 62 mph in 4.8 seconds despite a 5,180-lb curb weight. It is heavy on purpose. Sony is aiming for the best safety rating in the world. The battery capacity was not disclosed, but it is a flat design that can form the base of crossovers or even utility vehicles. The automotive industry should be scared because this car is ready for production. Tell us what you think about this concept in the comments below.


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