We know how valuable time and money is for our readers, especially those who travel for business. The logistics of getting from a meeting in one state to another across the country can be very challenging. On the fol-
lowing pages of our aviation guide, we will show you options for the most efficient way to maximize both time and money when it comes to air travel.

There are many ways to fly privately rather than on commercial airlines and you will learn all about them in the next pages. For example, there are Jet Cards which are a popular alternatives to owning an aircraft. Those who travel less than 100 hours annually would benefit greatly by purchasing a Jet Card. Charters are also a great option with plane types that include Light Jets, Turbo Props, Midsize Jets, Heavy Jets and Jumbo Jets. As you can see the charter options are almost endless. Fractional
Ownership is another option allowing you to own a piece of the sky without having to deal with the typical burdens of owning an aircraft - such as storage and maintenance.

No matter how you choose to fly, all of these are fantastic options. They will ensure that you get the greatest value out of your flight without having to compromise time and money. As you browse these pages, just think about the last time your flight was delayed, your luggage was damaged or how you had to awkwardly battle for an armrest. With luxury air travel, these issues can be avoided.

Wholesale Jet Club

Wholesale Jet Club is the first true wholesale private jet membership program providing its members with 100% transparency all while saving its members millions in just the first few years. This business model has disrupted the industry and changed the price of charters for the direct consumer forever. Now with the introduction of the new Wholesale Jet Card, flying privately has become even more affordable. With over 20 years of experience in the marketplace, alongside real time aircraft technology, Wholesale Jet Club is not only able to deliver you the perfect aircraft for your mission, but also offers its members the perfect price.

855.WJCLUB1 (855.952.5821) | www.wholesalejetclub.com



With the world’s largest network of quality business jets, ONEflight International provides its members online access to 500 of the best Charter Operators with 4,000 domestic aircraft. With our proprietary first of its kind Book a Jet (“BAJit”) technology, users are able to search, select, and book an aircraft of choice based upon availability, size, pricing, and amenities, all while saving 30-40% due to volume-based pricing under the BAJit network. BAJit offers the easiest way to book a jet and a network that connects everyone.

877.874.0646 | www.BAJit.com



NetJets makes the impossible possible. That’s one of the reasons they’ve been the leader in private aviation for more than 50 years. And from their industry-leading safety standards to guaranteed access to more than 750 aircraft worldwide, as well as exclusive events in the world of golf, yachting, motorsports, and food and wine, they invite you to discover the NetJets advantage.

866.538.7252 | www.netjets.com


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