Andrew Saul was looking for a carbon-neutral C7 Corvette for sale. After years of planning and perfecting the details, his Genovation GXE has shocked the automotive world. After setting a new electric car top speed in September, they've announced that the Genovation GXE has broken the World Record again.

Since the Space Shuttle is retired, our friend Johnny Bohmer has leased the Shuttle Landing Facility and the 2.8-mile runway. Using the body & suspension of a Corvette Z06, the electric motors can be bolted to the factory 7-speed manual or the 8-speed automatic. Using a transmission keeps the engine at its optimal speed, and it allowed Johnny to reach 211.8 mph.

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Verified by the International Mile Racing Association, Genovation is building 75 examples. Each one will have a minimum range of 175 miles, so we offer congratulations to Mr. Saul and Mr. Bohmer on this achievement. Stay with us for all your Genovation updates.


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