France has a traffic crisis in all major cities. As such, vehicle registrations are taxed, and alternate day drving bans became law in Paris. Because 95% of their power is from nuclear plants, electric vehicles are truly carbon neutral. That's why Newron Motors has unveiled the ultimate E-bike.

EV-1 is a gorgeous blend of carbon fiber and wood. A central battery pack is arranged in a radial formation, and it acts as the load bearing structucture connecting the front and rear suspension. Choose which wood species fits your personality, and you will reach 62 mph in under 3 seconds.

Capable of DC fast charging, the 75kWh battery is has the same abilities as the first Tesla Model S, and it can be charged to 80% in 40 mins. A full charge offers a range of 186 miles in the city and 136 at highway speeds. The Permanent Magnent AC motor is mounted low to provide great stability, and it sends 177 lb-ft of torque to the carbon fiber rear wheel. Only a dozen are planned for the initial run, with pricing starting at $67,000. Reserve yours here, and click the link below to find your next ride.

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