Presented by Mecum Auctions - This 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder is one of the most exhilarating offerings from the Michael Fux Collection, and as one of only two produced in Acid Green it is a car capable of bombarding the senses from both inside and out.


Introduced at the Geneva Auto Salon in March 2010, the 918 was designed as the successor to the incredible Carrera GT and a radical departure from that car’s relatively “conventional” supercar blueprint centered on a naturally aspirated V-10 engine and manual gearbox. While its carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) central monocoque, double-wishbone suspension with coil springs and carbon-ceramic disc brakes are similar in design and construction to that of the Carrera GT, the 918’s hybrid drivetrain represents a significant advance in Porsche’s approach to the car of the future. The fact that the 918 remains at the leading edge of supercar performance a full decade after its introduction is a testament to the advanced thinking that went into its creation, especially when one considers the speed with which automotive technology has been improving during that time. The major difference is the hybrid drive technology manufacturers have been developing, most impressively in Formula 1 but increasingly for production applications.

In contrast to its competitors, the 918 uses one of the more creative approaches to hybridized hyper performance, employing two divergent sources of power. Up front is a single electric motor driving 129 HP to the front wheels; behind the cockpit, a naturally aspirated 4.6L/608 HP DOHC V-8 engine and another electric motor, this one rated at 156 HP, combine to drive the rear wheels through a Porsche PDK 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox and an electro-mechanical limited-slip differential with 3.08:1 final drive. Bringing the front tires into the action made a major contribution to the 918’s otherworldly handling, being especially helpful in offsetting the car’s 3,715-pound curb weight with the increased traction afforded by all-wheel drive. The 918’s basic suspension layout is in keeping with long-standing Porsche practice, matching lightweight double-wishbone control arms up front with a sophisticated multilink rear system and carbo-ceramic disc brakes.

A modified version of the engine that drove the Le Mans-winning Porsche RS Spyder, the 918’s 4.6L V-8 features an aluminum block and heads, a flat-plane crank, double overhead cams, direct fuel injection and a carbon polymer dry-sump oiling system. In concert with the two electric motors, it can propel the 918 to over 210 MPH, its cacophonous exhaust blasting beautiful music from twin tailpipes emanating from the perforated stainless-steel engine cover just behind the cockpit. At its quietest and most docile moments, the 918 can tool along under the power of the single front motor for up to 19 miles in Electric Only mode. Flooring the accelerator or switching to Hybrid mode abruptly fires the engine to life, only to shut down again when the throttle is lifted. Sport Hybrid keeps the engine running and brings both electric motors into play, always ready to deliver extra muscle between forays into the V-8’s peak power band, such as between shifts. Activating Race Hybrid mode awakens the 918’s inner beast, along with full active aerodynamics and the management skills of all 80 onboard computers. The front radiator flaps open for maximum cooling, the speed-actuated rear wing rises into the airstream, the front diffusers open to sharpen dynamic balance, and upshifts quicken to 50 milliseconds.

Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires on 20-inch magnesium wheels with Silver accents and locks, Porsche’s Active Suspension Management, front axle lift system, electric power rack-and-pinion steering and rear-axle steering are always present to balance the 918’s tremendous power at every moment, from take-off to its terminal speed of 217 MPH.

No. 43 of the 918 produced, this arresting 2015 Porsche 918’s presence is announced to one and all by its eye-popping paint-to-sample in Acid Green, which is repeated on the brake calipers and the contrasting accents in the black leather and suede interior. Carbon fiber was chosen at great expense for the front splitter and rear wing, carbon fiber removable roof panels, mirrors and interior, which also offers lightweight bucket seats, a leather-wrapped Sport steering wheel, backup camera, carbon floor mats with Acid Green piping, seat belts with accent stripes, painted vehicle key and HomeLink connectivity. Driven just 510 miles since new, this 918 Spyder is offered in virtually flawless condition, a must-have for the dedicated collector of the very best Porsche has to offer.