Small trucks are back, and Ford is leading the way. In keeping with tradition, the new Ranger is powered by a 4-cylinder, but that is all it shares with its predecessor. The 2.3-liter EcoBoost has proven to be bulletproof in the Mustang, and Ford has told us multiple times that North America won't get the Ranger Raptor. That is why Roush Performance has unlocked unprecedented power from the Ford Ranger.

Jack Roush has been racing Fords for 40 years, and his NASCAR engines have seen many checkered flags. That is why the Ranger test mule was treated to multiple pressure sensors, EGT, and wideband O2 for the dyno runs.

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The end result is the Level 1 Performance Pac (P/N 422173). It adds 14 horsepower and 53 LB-FT OF TORQUE! You will have 339 lb-ft at only 3,200 rpm. That is very close to the V8-powered Tundra and Titan full-size trucks. Click the button above to find a new Ford Ranger for sale, and stay with us for all your Roush updates!