Tesoro Nero is a dedicated piano company, selling unique and luxury self-playing designer pianos that have never been created before. This stunning piano mirrors the fierce beauty, strength and grace of a prowling black panther, one of nature’s most illustrious and noble creatures.

Inspired by the intensity of a 65° V12 bhp engine, our panther piano not only pays homage to the extraordinary wild cats with its sleek and fierce design, but also to the exquisitely bold Ferrari Enzo, both possessing incredible swiftness and strength. Our customers are familiar with power, speed and endurance, key qualities that embody the majestic panther in its prime.

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But the wild cats are facing great peril, and their future is uncertain. Their numbers are in decline, they are becoming rarer with every passing day. Rare too, are Ferrari Enzos and our panther pianos. Only fifteen will ever be made. Their sleek and striking beauty, their magnificent power and sound – an exclusivity.

Each piano is pre-installed with a self-playing system that perfectly imitates and captures the authenticity of each individual it mimics. Or, it can be played by hand. The piano possesses beautiful, rich music, and gives a flawless performance every time.

Tesoro Nero has a philanthropy initiative at work with the panther piano. Keen to support the wild cats that are threatened in their natural habitat, with every sale of this magnificent piano, 10% of the profit will be donated to Panthera, a leading organisation that undertakes fundamental research worldwide to help protect these captivating animals.

The panther piano is not the only instrument to have a charitable initiative with its design and profits. Tesoro Nero has designed a 24K gold self-playing piano, its striking hexagonal texture mimicking the lustrous shine of honeycomb – a by-product of bees’ pollinating efforts. With every sale, 10% will be donated to leading bee conservation charities, to help support the crucial work they carry out to protect the bees from the threats that they are facing.

Tesoro Nero will continue to be inspired by the world around us, creating beautiful and unique designs that are truly one-of-a-kind. For more information, call +1-435-558-5757 or click the button below.

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Tesoro Nero offers an exclusive range of self-playing pianos, which represent a new generation of pianola for passionate pianists across the world. You will set your own music free with a magnificent instrument that will deliver rich and expressive sound for decades to come.