Rob Dahm has been hard at work creating a wild billet 4 rotor RX-7 for a long time. He has been documenting the process from start to finish on his YouTube channel and has kept everyone waiting for the next video update. His latest update was one of, if not the most, exciting one yet.

In the video, found below, he takes his wild RX-7 for some dyno testing. After quite a few runs, Dahm and his team knew they could push the RX-7 to over 1,000 horsepower. Then... it happened on the final run. The heat wrap exploded, wheels stopped and screen read a power output of 1,014 horsepower. This readout made Dahm's RX-7 the world's first 1000 HP AWD Billet 4-Rotor RX-7.

Honestly, Dahm and his team deserve a serious round of applause. This has been an awesome project to see come together and we can't wait to see where it goes next.