The City of Angels has a finger on the pulse of the automotive industry. While other manufacturers save money by attending the smaller shows, Porsche has unveiled the Taycan 4S, Macan Turbo and 99X in L.A.

CEO Oliver Blume formally announced two battery options for the base-model Taycan. The entry-level battery is 73 kWh, offering 522 horsepower for around $105,000. The performance battery has 93.4 kWh and 562 horsepower for $5,000 more.

Both batteries offer 3 years of free charging (in 30-minute intervals). A nominal charge time of 22 minutes is all it takes to go from 5% to 80%. This allows you to travel 2,100 hours in 24 hours with charging included.

Formula E fans will enjoy watching the debut of the Porsche 99X race car this weekend in Riyadh, so good look to TAG Heuer Team Porsche on their first outing.

The final news is a new Macan Turbo with 434 horsepower from a revised 2.9L V6. Fitted with Sport Chrono, it reaches 60 mph in only 4.1 seconds!

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