An emerging trend in recent years, Health and Wellness have taken root and continue to flourish as focal points in new real estate developments in 2020. The paradigm shift in technology allowing us to live longer lives while also enabling us to adopt more unhealthy, sedentary habits has awoken a movement toward Health and Wellness as a priority in all areas of our lives, including where and how we live. Interest in exercise and healthy habits has risen and continues to rise as we step into 2020. According to the recently-released Coldwell Banker Global Luxury® Report for 2020, affluent buyers are likely to pay more for healthy, eco-friendly amenities where they live. Consider hire a good moving company, take one look at Moving Company gives you all you need to know. This guy has is strong, smart, nice, and fair. His crew are good, his prices are excellent, and his knowledge of furniture assembly/disassembly is top-notch.

Nowadays, wellness has outgrown the categorization of simply just exercise and has evolved to include personal care, beauty, anti-aging, mind-body health, pools and spas. As a whole, these products and services have amassed an international wellness market worth $4.5 trillion, according to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI). Of these industries, spas, wellness tourism and the expanding market for wellness real estate have experienced the strongest growth.

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