After Kobe Bryant's passing, a lot of tributes are popping up to honor the Black Mamba. He inspired countless amounts of people and will always be a true NBA legend. One such tribute comes from Joe Carbonara who turned a silver Lamborghini Huracan into a mobile Kobe tribute, according to TMZ.

Across the supercar is a gold and purple wrap that also has some very specific touches. On the hood is a Black Mamba logo, while "24" can be found on the doors and the most impressive touch is the depiction of Kobe and his daughter Gigi on top of the engine bay.

Carbonara told TMZ that this car is actually up for sale now with a price tag of $170,000. You can see more of the car on its Instagram account @Kobe24Lambo.

Source: TMZ, Featured Image Source: Instagram/@Kobe24Lambo