If you are a resident of Chicago and noticed an odd convoy of what looks like mini Batmobiles taking over the city, Kanye West was the person behind it. But the reason for his invasion is a pretty good one. Kanye, along with Quavo and more, cruised around the Wicker Park, Grant Park and West Look areas of Chicago and gave his new Yeezy Quantum shoes to kids for free.

Used Supercars for Sale

You may be asking yourself: "What the heck are they driving?" The answer to that hypothetical question is that these vehicles are called Sherp ATVs. They come with massive wheels built for off-roading and a sealed cabin. Why? Because the Sherp can float and can even cruise in the water at speeds up to 3.7 mph. There's no denying the fact that these would be a blast to drive no matter the terrain. You can learn more about the Sherp by clicking here.


Featured Image via YouTube Screenshot