• Only 5 To Be Buil & Already Sold
  • 827 Horsepower& 811 lb-ft of Torque
  • 2,747-lb Curb Weight

Horacio Pagani values form and function equally. Disregarding the power and performance of his cars, their styling speaks for itself. That's why we found this press release almost apologetic. He asked his team to incorporate the latest technologies for 5 valued customers, the new 2021 Pagani Imola for sale is lighter & faster.

"The aerodynamic technology behind the Pagani Imola is evident in three of its key features. The general outline, the internal aerodynamics and the external aerodynamic details, such as the fins, winglets and deflectors. We can’t say that it’s an elegant car. We wanted an efficient vehicle, and just as you’d expect if you were looking at an F1 single-seater, this led us to design a car with additional aerodynamic features." Mr. Pagani.

To us, there is no such thing as an ugly Pagani. This is their first car to integrate the suspension, brakes, aerodynamics, and throttle response into one computer. Nearly 10,00 miles of testing at Imola have ensured these cars are ready to take on the world. Could they be a test-bed for the Huayra's successor? It is a distinct possibility. That's why you should stay with us for all your Pagani news.

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